Naughty Rabbit? Not A Problem! (English version) - Konijnenadviesbureau Hopster
Wist je dat je konijnen zindelijk kan maken? Als je dat weet, zou je dan nog een konijn alleen maar in een hok zetten? Een konijn in een hok kan niet tegemoet komen aan zijn natuurlijke basisbehoeften en wordt daardoor onhandelbaar of apathisch. Dankzij de correcte huisvesting, verzorging, opvoeding én training geef je je konijnen de kans op een volwaardig leven en worden het leuke huisdieren die je niet meer zal kunnen missen. Wil je weten wat jij kan doen om je konijnen te helpen? Hopster is er voor jou en je konijnen.
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Naughty Rabbit? Not A Problem! (English version)

Furry Thieves

Naughty Rabbit? Not A Problem! (English version)

“Naughty Rabbit? Not A Problem!” is the slogan of Rabbit Consultancy Hopster. Once again, the reality of this slogan hit me when I caught Eddie and Louis stealing a bag of chips.

Both ladies were already spending quite some time in the kitchen area when I heard a strange noise. Louis is probably working, I was thinking. Working as in ripping cart boxes in small pieces, a fun game for rabbits. But still I became a little suspicious.

Suddenly I recognized the sound of a wrinkled bag of chips. Eddie was stealing a bag of chips! Before Eddie’s teeth got the chance to finish the job, I was able to film it. Louis was also around. Smart animals those little bunnies but running around with a bag of chips in their mouth turned out to be a bit of a challenge. I have a lot of respect for Eddie, the way she stole the bag of chips is so funny, and she really had to think about it. And also a lot of respect for Louis, the accomplice, who only had to wait for her moment to shine after Eddie stole the bag.

Yes, rabbits can be very naughty. But that is exactly what I love about them! Enjoy the video!

PS: Keep all foods that are NOT rabbit food away from your rabbits. A rabbit’s diets consist out of water, hay, vegetables and a small portion of pellets but definitely no chips. The bags of chips are put on a rabbit-proofed place in the house, lesson learned.

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